Swivel Recliner, Cobblestone Top Grain Leather by “Oslo” Collection

Swivel Recliner, Cobblestone Top Grain Leather by “Oslo” Collection

Product descriptions

Celebrate all of your success by rewarding yourself with a recliner from the Oslo collection.These top of the line recliners are the perfect way to end your hustle and bustle filled day.With a timeless appearance and above average quality, the Oslo Collection stands far above the rest. These recliners provide increased satisfaction and luxury by placing a generous amount of memory foam in the seating. We know how hard you work, so we work just as hard to ensure that you have a rejuvenating place to rest. With comfort as a priority, the handle allows for an adjustable recline to your satisfaction. The matching therapeutic designed ottoman will only add to your experience. The durable upholstery and color options can blend in or stand out in any setting. Invest in to future with the comfort you deserve.

Product information

Size/Weight W 35″ / D 40.5″ / H 30″ / 85 lb.

Materials Top Grain Leather

Lumbar Support
Quality Top Grain Leather
Angled Ottoman

Customer reviews

Paul Jillbirth “This is a learning stool, you have to learn how to use it for it to be effective. I have a super comfy desk chair that cost 300+, I have a semi comfy kneeling chair that cost 140+, and now I have this chair that cost what you see it as, and this is by far my favorite. I love it and I hate it, it forces me to strengthen my butt and lower back if I want a comfortable seating. This was invented for those who want to strengthen their bodies while sitting, not for those who want to be lazy and let their bodies go to waste while sitting.”

Jelwasky Chamonto “Great chair. Very comfortable. Pretty easy to put together, only one tricky part, connecting the back to the seat. Otherwise very straightforward. Was missing the base to the stool but the manufacturer sent it pretty quickly.”


Risa hageat “LOVE LOVE LOVE. My kids and I use this everyday. I have recommended it to many people. Easy to adjust. Easy to move around. wobbles great and spins too. My kids work a lot longer while on here. I choose to use it for computer tasks, sewing tasks anything. It is really great! In the second picture my hand is in a little groove, this makes it sooo easy to carry one handed anywhere! I use it all the time! You can also see the buttons to raise and lower it.


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